Glenwood FSC Testing Information...

Test Sessions for the 2017-2018 Skating Season

Sunday, October 15th - H-F Ice Arena
Monday, November 13th - Southwest Ice Arena
Monday, December 11th - TBD
Monday, February 12th - Oak Lawn Ice Arena
Monday, March 12th - H-F Ice Arena
Saturday, April 21st - Southwest Ice Arena
Monday, June 11th - TBD
Tuesday, July 9th - Oak Lawn Ice Arena
Saturday, August 18th - Southwest Ice Arena


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Announcements of upcoming testing sessions are posted on the bulletin boards at the H-F Ice Arena, the Orland Park Ice Arena, the Oak Lawn Ice Arena, and on our WEB site.
It is the responsibility of the tester to get the completed application, which includes the signature of their coach, and the necessary test fees to the test chairperson by the
date indicated on the announcement.

Non-members may submit applications to test. 
There is an additional $20 fee for non-members.